New Contract: Ghosts of Midsummer Theatre

I’ve been dropping hints on my social media pages that I have good news to share, and now that the contract is signed by both parties I can make the official announcement 🙂

Evernight Publishing has accepted the fourth book in the Revenant Investigations series! It’s been a long stretch between releases, and long months to get my writing groove back, so I’m incredibly happy to be making this announcement. I had meant for this book to be a true short story- 11k max. However, the story had different ideas (as always 🙂 ), and it came in at around 18,400 words. That makes it a novella, and I truly loved writing every word of it.

Ghosts of Midsummer Theatre stars Arabella and Lucas. In short, as a two year anniversary gifts, Arabella gifts Lucas- our loveable and sexy skeptic reporter- with an investigation of a local haunted playhouse that has been closed for decades. The theatre is a local legend that Lucas has wanted to investigate since he heard the story in the first three months of being in town. Needless to say, things get spooky right off the bat.

This story was meant to be a Halloween treat for my readers as well a stepping stone for the next book in the series (with a new character to the series). It was also a chance for readers to catch up with the two lovebirds, who were the stars of the first book- Ghosts of Kingston Cottage. I really loved seeing how the two were doing, and the new tales that are brewing in my mind thanks to Arabella sharing some hints about what’s going on at her workplace. I’ve already started book five thanks to these two jump-starting my romance writing mojo!

I’m also happy to announce that Ghosts of Midsummer Theatre is slated to drop on your e-readers this October J

Stay tuned for details!


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