Lazy Sunday: Haven and Laundry

Happy Sunday! I am doing laundry and writing as Haven season four is playing on the tv. I’m working on my paranormal romance, and I’m hoping I can finish the rough draft today. I’m close but…we’ll see. I’m going to try my best šŸ™‚

And what can I say about season four?



It’s a good, strong season. We get introduced to a new overlay- Lexie. I really liked Lexie, and how different she is than Audrey. And I find it rather amusing that Nathan doesn’t really like her šŸ™‚ Especially knowing how much he liked Sarah and Lucy.


We also get to meet Jennifer (who I love, and think she’s perfect for Duke), and her connection to Haven is an interesting one. Her death really saddened me- I cried, and mourned right along with Duke.


And then there’s William. His connection to Audrey and who she started life as was a great plot point in the season, and learning about her past through him was a highlight. Colin played him perfectly- the tension he created was wonderful to watch.


The best part of season four (in my humble opinion) is what we learn about Audrey and her origins. Discovering that Mara, the person she started life as, is responsible (along with William) for creating the Troubles, was heavy. And in the last episode, when Mara is finally awakened in Audrey’s mind… It’s chilling, and it opened a whole new amazing role for Emily Rose to play.


I can’t wait to get to my favorite episode of the season, though- The Trouble with the Troubles. Nathan as a doctor and Duke as a cop? Too much fun!


Hope you all have lovely Sunday!


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