A Monday Excerpt: Ghosts of Kingston Cottage

Hello everyone! Hope you had a lovely weekend 🙂

For your Monday reading pleasure, here is an excerpt from Ghosts of Kingston Cottage (Revenant Investigations #1).

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@copyright Libby Bishop

Evernight Publishing

Standing with her hands on her hips, Arabella Pierce scowled at her boss. “I cannot believe you’re making me do this.”

Folger Dade expressed nothing but patience as he leaned forward in his chair and rested his forearms on his small mahogany desk. This was his normal position when the two of them were headed into an argument. “It’s a business decision that had to be made. I regret doing this to you on short notice but this is how it is.”

She sat down in the comfy blue wingback chair in front of the desk. “I am a paranormal investigator. I see dead people, for goodness sake! And you want me to deal with this, this—”

“Reporter. He’s a reporter for Debunker Media, and he wants to follow you on an investigation as part of his series of web articles on psychics and ghosts.”

“And you thought it was a good idea to hinder me? Don’t you remember what happened with the last two skeptics you had hunt with us?” The memory made her blood boil. Skeptics weren’t meant to go on serious investigations—she’d learned that at an early age.

Sure, organizations like Debunker Media were necessary to help arm the public against frauds and cheats. Unfortunately, there were plenty of people who were not gifted but wanted to be, and quite a few fraudsters out to steal people’s money. However, there were also many individuals who enjoyed making fun of people like her.

Folger sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. She knew she was the only investigator to give him so much grief in all his long years in the business. But he put up with it from her for a reason—she was one of his two best mediums.

He dropped his hand and met her eyes. “It’s good press, and it’s one week with a reporter. One week that could boost our caseload and bring in more money so we can continue to do those cases for free. Please, don’t fight me on this one.”

She looked away from his light gray eyes as he ran a hand through his salt-and-pepper hair. Revenant Investigations—based in Noble, Maine—did all of their cases for free, getting their money from fundraising and private donations. Folger worked very hard to keep it that way. He was also like a father to her, and she didn’t want to fight with him. Yet she didn’t want a “reporter” hindering her investigation either.

“Does he know the rules?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said with a sigh, as well a healthy dose of relief. “And I also informed him of the other skeptics I’ve allowed on hunts and what I’ll do if he gives you that kind of grief.”

Yeah, doesn’t make up for sending this one along. “And what investigation are we doing? You didn’t say.”

“Kingston Cottage.”

Arabella stared at him, shocked. “Are you serious?”

He nodded. “The owners contacted me last week and informed me that they need to sell the house as soon as possible. They want to put it on the market this month, due to personal reasons. In order to do that they need to know what’s inside and how to get rid of it.”

“No one has ever been allowed to investigate it…” she trailed off in awe.

Folger smiled. “Until now.”

She couldn’t help but return his smile. The feeling of a fresh, no-one-else-has-done-it hunt was too much of a thrill. Historic Kingston Cottage was located on a small island, all by itself, and it had been rumored to be haunted since before Arabella was born. She had seen pictures and taken boat rides past the island, but she’d never set foot on it because it was private property.

“When do we have to be at the docks?” she inquired as she stood, grabbing her coat off the back of the chair.

“Seven o’clock tomorrow morning. Don’t be late—Dustin is taking you over. But, Arabella—” She looked at him, knowing that tone. “It’s going to be you, the reporter, Nick, and Lena. I need the rest of the crew on a different hunt.”

She paused at the door. Nick was one of their tech guys, and Lena was a lead investigator, like Arabella. Five more investigators rounded off the team. But the more she thought about Folger’s decision to use a small crew, the more it made sense, especially within the limited space of the cottage. “Nick and Lena,” she began, “do they know about the ‘reporter?’”

Folger rolled his eyes, clearly hearing the quotation marks in her tone.

“Yes. I asked them not to speak of it until I talked to you myself. I think that was best, don’t you?”

Arabella chose to ignore the rolling eyes. “And the reporter?”

“He’ll be there at seven sharp as well. His name’s Lucas Brown, and he’s a serious reporter.”

She nodded, not really believing him. “I’ll check in when we get there.”

“Please do, and pack extra clothes. You know how storms brew up suddenly here. I don’t want you all stranded without necessities. The owners left you some food. Expect to be on the island at least three days, maybe four. Oh, there’s also a generator in the basement if you lose power.”

“Good to know, and it was nice of them to leave some food.”

“Yes. They’re good people.”

She found it a bit strange that the crew wasn’t going to meet the owners before the investigation, and stranger still that she had never met them. Noble, Maine, was a small town along the central coast—it was pretty rare not to put a name to a face.

“Arabella,” Folger called as she left his office. “Try not to push him into the bay.”



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