First Week of Release

Thank you to everyone leaving a review of Son of Thunder! I’m so happy to hear from readers that they’re enjoying the book 🙂 My nerves were shot worrying about whether or not you would LOL

Release nerves are a real thing, and they can be a overwhelming.

I keep getting asked if this is the start of series. Here’s my answer: I’m not sure. I left it open on purpose, so that I could write more books in Liv and Rune’s world. They may not star in them, but they will make appearances, of course. I have started writing a sequel, I can tell you that. I just can’t make promises when it will be finished and released.

I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday! I will leave you with a sexy teaser 🙂 Click on the photo to go to the buy links and an excerpt.

Watching her lick that damn treat sent heat through him. He was surprised his ice cream didn’t melt.“I think”—he slowly licked around the dripping ice cream—“it tastes almost as good as you.” He watched her swa



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