I’ve been working steadily on the paranormal romance novella that I plan to submit to an anthology. Currently, the word count is just shy of 7600. I’m loving the characters, and the new shifter world I’m creating. The deadline is early autumn, so my goal is finish the first draft by the first week of July. Then, I want finish the edits and revisions before July 25th. I want to have this submitted by the end of August.

Son of Thunder is due out July 25th, and I want to keep that week open for promo and release stuff. The Facebook party is the 23rd 🙂


My goal for the rest of this year is to finish two of the novels I’m working on and have them submitted by the end of the year.  I’m fairly certain I can meet these goals without much issue. I’m not going to berate myself if I only get one novel done, because that’s still success, but I’m aiming for both to be done.

Entering into the world of romance had not really been in my plans when I started writing. There was romance peppered through my darker works, under the name October Weeks, but the romance was never the focus of the story. Ghosts of Kingston Cottage came as a complete surprise to me when I started writing it. I found I enjoyed the shift in focus, as it gave me a bit of a break from the darker works.  An Island Christmas came out of nowhere 🙂 My first, and as of now only, non-paranormal romance. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it- fun, sexy, and erotic. A complete departure from my norm. Soon, Ghosts of Trenton House was written, followed by several Romance-on-the-Go short stories, an anthology short story, and Ghosts of Emerald Bay.

Son of Thunder is my longest romance to date- considered a full-length category.  I loved writing it, though at times I struggled because the book was completely different from what I usually wrote. Thankfully, my awesome editors were there to help me through and show me the way. That kind of support is wonderful, and really helped me find my feet. I’m excited for you all to read Rune and Liv’s story 😀

I hope that these goals make 2017 the year you get at least four full-length books from me, and possibly some more short stories/novellas. But right now, I’ve reset my goals to concentrate on the full-length stories. Because in the long run, those are the ones that will get me to where I want to be with my romance writing career 🙂


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