Lazy Sunday~ Charmed

Yes, I’m having another lazy Sunday 🙂 I try to take Sunday off to relax and de-stress, which means anything from lounging and reading to lounging and watching tv. Today, I’ve already written about 3k words on a project, so now it’s time to watch something. I’ve decided on the television show Charmed~ one of my absolute favorites and the one I really wish would have a reunion show. Maybe not a reboot, but a tv movie with the original cast (yes, this includes Prue and Paige).

*some spoilers for those who haven’t seen the show~ be warned*

Screenshot (772)

I will admit to Piper always being my favorite sister, though the others aren’t far behind. Her growth as a character from the peacekeeping middle sister in season one, to the strong older sister/mother/wife/witch we see in season eight was wonderful to watch. Her and Leo’s love story was one of my favorites of the series, and her journey to motherhood was a great touch to the show.

Screenshot (688)

I missed Prue something wicked after her death in season three. She was a fantastic character who really owned the screen. I hope if they ever do a reunion movie that they include Prue, as they had Gran in the show.


Phoebe was definitely the younger sister in the first two seasons, but she grew as a character throughout the series. The stress between her and Prue in the first season was handled so well, and watching them grow closer while still struggling with issues (like Cole) was very realistic. Her love life was never easy (it wasn’t for any of the sisters), but I like that she ended up with Coop, a Cupid 🙂


Paige took some getting used to. Her introduction was a bit bumpy, and they had to twist some of the history of the show to have her character make some sense. It took me until the beginning of season five to really start to like her, and once the writers smoothed her character out, she became a great addition to the series. I will say that season four was my least favorite season overall, so everything was bumpy for me. She really made leaps of progress as a character since her arrival, and her powers as a witch really came into their own after season four. The writers fleshed her out nicely and made her fabulous to watch.

569164bed216724796691d83503afcc3 8x22-Forever-Charmed-chris-and-wyatt-halliwell-27632360-1056-800 7f92edc9759f22c726a9857203a368aa 4x13_03 0a03327db0110bdb1ab2af3fdb41317e Screenshot (753)

While I watch my dvds of this show, I still miss having new episodes. Yesterday was the 10 year mark from when the series finale aired, and I can’t believe it’s been that long! This show, for me, was about three sisters who happen to be witches. Not witches who happen to be sisters. This show has always been about family, and the writers did a great job with that dynamic and I really felt the connections, struggles, fights, laughter and such were done well. I related to each of the sisters at some point, and the love was very apparent between them. The writers did a great job showing that family unit, and the struggle to accept Paige as well as deal with the loss of Prue. That’s what I really miss.

Screenshot (764) 3x11-PrueScry paige-s-orbing-powers-charmed-7120067-487-459

As for the magic… It was fabulous. Their powers realistically grew as the series progressed but never became so strong that they were invincible. There were consequences when they broke the rules, they didn’t suddenly know how to handle their powers when they grew (such as Piper in season three, when her power grew and she tried to lock herself in her room to keep from blowing someone up), and it took a little time to learn how to control it. That was a nice change from other shows. With the exception of Phoebe’s power to levitate (and I’m glad they got rid of that one),  I thought all of the powers were done well and the visual effects were wonderful.

0fa476bb11b5616a0a440fe12395f74a a38b1a4b1d4910c4ccb40654b85fe7f5 PhoebeHalliwell&CoopMarry

So, today I’ll be having my Charmed marathon, wishing they’d do a tv reunion movie 🙂 A lazy Sunday with one of my favorite shows…and maybe some more writing.



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