Bitten Series Finale

Well, another of my favorite shows has come to an end 😦 I think Bitten was taken too soon ~ there should have been at least two more seasons, if not more. Considering the way they left it, maybe we’ll get a spinoff…

But, onto my thoughts about the series and the finale.



I tried reading the books years ago but couldn’t get into them. I didn’t like Clay, and Elena was almost unbearable. But the tv show was different enough that I was drawn in right away to Elena’s story, as well really loving the pack members (who I had a hard time liking in the book as well). I gave the show a chance because, werewolves 🙂


Season One scratched the surface of the pack and their personal lives, and introduced you to Elena’s struggle between two men ~ one human, Phillip, and one wolf, Clay. In the book I recall that Phillip wasn’t really that big of a deal, but I’m so happy he played a bigger role in the show. And I love that they showed Elena’s struggle to accept her role in the pack and her desire for a normal life. It made me relate to her that much more.


Season Two brought in the witches. I wasn’t too happy at first that the show decided to bring in other supernaturals (yes, I know they’re in the book series 🙂 ), but the writers did a great job of incorporating them. I loved Paige and Savannah, and admired Ruth’s struggle and strength.


It was also nice to see Elena move on from Phillip’s death and embrace Clay. This is also the season where the enemy was something the wolves had never come across, which required them to band together tighter, especially when they lose Logan. But the struggle to defeat Alastair takes its toll on everyone.

3 NUP_167671_0033_JPG

Season Three came back to the wolves, and focused again on Elena. It brought in her blood family, and an old war that comes fully back to life. This ending was very emotional (for me). To watch the pack struggle internally was hard, especially the tension between Jeremy and Elena. Also, Rachel with the new baby after losing Logan and learning that she’s a witch was an interesting twist. And Jeremy’s loss of Karen, by his own hand, was truly gut-wrenching.

2 5 7

Bitten3_SM_Day5_Ep302_ 92.jpg




In the end, when Jeremy passed the reins of the pack to Elena, it felt bittersweet but right. Jeremy had shouldered so much in three seasons that he needed to step away and let a new generation take the lead. Choosing Elena was the right decision, and I only wish we could see her as Alpha for more than a few episodes.


The only thing that really bugged me about the finale was Nick’s choice to be with Rachel. That relationship makes no sense to me ~ Nick and Paige were the better couple, and breaking them up in the end because of Rachel, someone that just doesn’t fit with him as more than a beloved friend, seemed incredibly wrong. His choice, in my opinion, should have been Paige.


Those last moments of Stonehaven brought tears to my eyes, and I will miss seeing the pack every week. I will rewatch it often on the season dvds, but it won’t be the same. It’s gone too soon.

Goodbye, pack. I will miss you.



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