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So, as many of you probably saw on my Twitter feed last night, the series finale of Haven aired. This has been my favorite show for years now, and I grew incredibly attached to the characters and setting. This blog is going to have spoilers, so be warned!










Okay šŸ™‚ This finale broke my heart into a thousand pieces. Here are a few of the reasons why:

DWIGHT: Adam Copeland outdid himself this season. I’m so happy the writers gave him a larger role! Dwight was amazing as both the Chief and the head of the Guard. There were times when he really pissed me off, but I definitely fell in love with his character during Season Five, and all the love to Adam for delivering such an amazing season finale performance! His deceased daughter was resurrected by Croatoan, and he kept his head about him about who or what she really was. The fact that in the end he not only was willing to walk away from that daughter to save Haven, but also, with Duke’s help, accept her as his true daughter, was heartwarming. I’m so happy he got to keep her ā¤


VINCE and DAVE: Oh, these two amazing men… Vince and Dave fought to keep Haven safe for decades, making it their life’s work, and in the end they both sacrificed themselves to do just that. Dave, with his life, and Vince…well, he took Howard’s place as Captain of the ship, so to speak. He now controls the barn. He also gave his life, his mortal one, so Dave’s death would not be in vain, and to keep their promise to protect Haven at all costs.


CROATOAN: Great villain, and William Shatner nailed that part like no other could. I never though it was possible to hate a Shatner character, but he played Croatoan–Mara’s long-lost father–so convincingly that I, indeed, hated the man. Bravo, William, bravo! In the end he did choose to go into the barn because he knew that he couldn’t win Audrey away with Nathan’s sacrafice–dying for Audrey. He would not die for his own daughter, and so he left, and took the Troubles into the barn with him.

NATHAN: This man… I love Nathan as a character, but I did not always like him with Audrey. That changed after season three šŸ™‚ However, Nathan really shined in this last season. Normally a man of few words, he gave several wonderful speeches and monologues in Season Five that left me…well, speechless. All the feels for this man. All the feels. Even when Croatoan sent him away from Haven with a clone of Audrey to live happily ever after with, Nathan knew something was wrong. With no memory except his name, Audrey’s name, and his love for her, he managed to find his way back to Haven and ultimately gave his life to try and save her. Croatoan, realizing that he couldn’t keep Nathan from Audrey, healed Nathan, bringing him back to life. And it broke my heart when he and Audrey had to part–she to the barn, again–but the monologue he delivered was so epic and moving… It really showed who Nathan was a character, as the man he’d always been. I’m so glad we got to see Lucas Bryant really shine in his role as Nathan.


DUKE: Oh, Duke. He has been my favorite Haven character since season one. The character growth from the moment we first meet him until the very end was amazing and breathtaking to watch. He became such a powerful force of a character that when his death came, it nearly broke me. I sobbed during that entire scene with him and Nathan. That moment, when Nathan was taking his life, was so…horribly gut-wrenching, but it was also almost beautiful. The love between him and Nathan poured out of the screen, and I still get teary-eyed thinking about it. I hate that he didn’t live, I hate that Nathan had to end his life, but his sacrifice was beautiful. I’m still gutted, and I think I’ll always be gutted by that scene. His destiny had been marked for several seasons, but in the end it still ripped my heart out and crushed it. Eric Balfour gave an astonishing performance!


AUDREY: I actually didn’t like her at first LOL It took me four or five episodes into Season One to really start to like her and Emily Rose as an actress. But by the end of that season, I was hooked. Through all of Audrey’s incarnations, Emily played her beautifully. I did not like her too much during this last season in regards to Duke because I felt she put a heavy amount of blame on him for doing the killings she forced him to do. Then, when she blamed him for what Mara forced on him, when she actually felt that he was responsible for the explosion of Troubles in Haven, I could have killed her. After everything they’d been through, after everything she’d put him through, she had the audacity to feel that way? To speak to him like that? So, you can imagine how relieved and happy I was that in the end, before his death and to break the hold Croatoan had on him, she agreed with the role she’d played in who he became. That she admitted she was wrong and apologized for forcing him to kill, just as Croatoan was.

In the end, when she agreed to go into the barn with her father (Croatoan) to balance the hate he had, I mourned for her and Nathan. I was heartbroken but was so pleased that the writers had her return to the barn because at the core, that’s WHO she was. That’s who Veronica was, who Sarah was, who Lucy was. Audrey always said that she would do anything to save Haven, and if that meant returning to the barn and leaving those she loved behind, than that’s what it meant. I was worried, because in the prior episode she told Howard that she would never be another overlay, that she refused to be anyone but Audrey Parker. I thought–despaired, really–that even though she said she’d do anything, she really wouldn’t. I’m pleased that she chose to be who she really way–the woman who would save Haven at the cost of her own happiness. Bravo, to Emily Rose, for forming Audrey into such a strong woman and character.


THE MONOLOGUE: Good Gods. Lucas Bryant did such a beautiful, heartbreaking, and heartwarming job with the monologue when he was saying goodbye to Audrey and watching the tower/barn disappear. The flashes of past cast members losing their Troubles, the words he spoke, were so…just, beautiful. I cried during it because it was so damn moving and touching that there was no way to avoid it. Lucas Bryant was amazing, and I love him and the writers so much for giving him that moment, and for giving us, the fans, that moment.

THE ENDING: I can honestly say that I’m happy with the series finale. I’m very happy with the respect the writers showed to the fans, and to the show itself. Not many shows get that in the end, and I’m incredibly grateful that Haven was blessed with such dignity.

That said šŸ™‚ I am NOT happy that it wasn’t Audrey who finally returned to Haven a month after going into the barn. The entire show was fighting to keep Audrey with Nathan, so when it turned out to be yet another overlay–no matter what Vince tells Croatoan in the barn–I was quite upset. I do not buy that they couldn’t send Audrey back as Audrey. I HATE that the writers chose to do such a thing.

It’s the only part of the finale that I truly have a hard time dealing with since it was such a large part of the last five years. It’s a slap in the face that it wasn’t Audrey who returned.

However, the pain from that slap was eased somewhat that it was Paige (the new overlay) AND James (a baby now) that returned to Haven, to Nathan. That made the blow easier to take, and I can see the three of them having the life that had been fought for so hard–and cruelly–in the end.

Still doesn’t make up for it not being Audrey, but it’s something I can somewhat live with.

I will miss Haven. Miss live-tweeting with other fans and the actors. Miss watching the characters that I grew to love so much. Miss who we lost and the future we won’t get to see. But, in the end, I know it’s best to stop on a high note. I will watch my dvd sets of all the seasons–probably wear the discs out!–and I will still randomly tweet about the show and such. I will remember five years of fantastic storytelling and delightful moments.

This isn’t goodbye.




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