Book Review: Raisonne Curse by Rinda Elliott

This book was AMAZING! I cannot say enough good things about it. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC–release date is July 14th. Rinda Elliott did a fantastic job with this book 🙂 I posted a review on Goodreads under my other pen name, but I’ll cross-post it here. But be aware there are SPOILERS!!!!

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OMG, people–THIS BOOK!!!!!




The Plot: In an effort to break the curse laid on the women in her family by Rattrap Rousalard–all because her grandmother turned down his marriage proposal–Elita Raisonne seeks the help of the Brothers Bernoux.

Elita: I loved Elita. She’s very relatable, and you really feel for her when the curse rears its ugly head. She’s stubborn, strong, but also vulnerable. What I liked most about her was that I could feel her pain, her heartbreak, her need to get rid of the curse but also protect her grandmother and two female cousins, even if that means more pain and trouble for her.

Pryor Bernoux: the hero. Hot, sexy, melt-your-panties Pryor (I LOVE HIM!) is charming, funny, protective, and also cursed. He’s lost most of his family–he and his two brothers are all that’s left, and they cannot be away from their part of the swamp in Louisiana’s Atchafayala Basin for any real amount of time. I won’t give away what happens to them after they break a hex, but the price they pay is very high. However, that doesn’t stop him from helping Elita, without the help of his brothers.

The Romance: Though I’m usually not a fan of insta-connections, this did not feel like that, even with Pryor and Elita’s instant sexual attraction to each other. From the time her eyes first land on him (and it is a crazy-hot scene!), to him helping treat her injury when she fell arriving at his property for help to their first love scene. They sizzle. SIZZLE. I literally felt their connection, their desire, and it read completely natural instead of forced, which many of the romances I’ve read lately have done. Their path to each is bumpy and heartbreaking, but also hot and steamy.

The Secondary Characters: My favorite, by far, is Elita’s grandmother, Ninette, whom she calls Ma’man (mother). What a damn hoot! She is one character that I wish I could meet in real life and spend time with 🙂 There’s also Tooter, Ninette’s…boyfriend (aka, grandma’s nookie LOL). And then there’s Mercer and Wyatt Bernoux, Pryor’s brothers. Can’t wait to read their stories. I absolutely loved how Elita interacted with them, and laughed out loud at their reactions to her.

Overall: Rinda Elliott does a fantastic job at drawing the reader in from the first word and ensuring they don’t want to stop reading until the end…and even then I wanted to immediately get to the next story to find out what happens with the next brother. The characters, the bayou setting, and the language of the people all jumped off the page–I could hear the accents as they spoke, I could almost smell what they were smelling, see what they were seeing. It takes a great storyteller and a great writer to make my senses reel like that when reading.

Anxiously and impatiently awaiting the next book!!!!


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