Of Contracts and Series

My apologies for the lack of news regarding the second book in the Revenant Investigations series, Ghosts of Trenton House, but I do have news to share now. Though, I won’t go into too much detail.

My publisher and I have agreed that it would be best to revert the rights to all three RI books back to me, which means that Ghosts of Kingston Cottage will no longer be available for purchase. That book should be off retailer sites within the next thirty or so days. I’m sad that it came to this decision, but I do agree that it’s best for the series.

I’m not certain if I will self-publish the books or submit to another publisher yet, though I’m leaning more towards self-publishing. Maybe releasing them as an omnibus around Halloween (thanks to my editor for that suggestion–I really like that idea!), or even one in October, November, and December, since each book is set in one of those months. I’ve never self-published before so I have to figure everything out, but once I do I’ll make an announcement for the series here on the blog so you all know.

That said, I’m actually working with my editor on creating a new series for my publisher that I hope we’ll be able to agree upon. The first book is giving me fits–the plot is there but I’m not used to writing in both the heroine and hero’s POV, plus the book will be focused on the romance with the mystery/what brought them together being second and I’m not used that either. So this is a learning curve for me (though, I’m enjoying the process).Β The book is starting to flow better now that I’ve passed 15k, so I’m hoping that I’ll have the rough draft finished within the next week or so. Book Two is already forming in my mind, LOL, so I know it’s just this first book that’s going to give me a hard time πŸ™‚

Again, as soon as I have more news I will share–both on the Revenant Investigations series, and with the new series.



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