A Little Taste…

The world is a bit different in Ghosts of Kingston Cottage, my upcoming paranormal romance novella. Ghosts have been known to exist for over five thousand years, ever since the dead and non-human beings of light and dark managed to cross into the living realm. Those with the gifts to see, hear, speak, and deal with the dead could no longer hide after the barrier was destroyed. They couldn’t protect or help the living who were haunted without exposing themselves to everyone.  In olden days, these people were burned as witches, accused of being necromancers and shapeshifters by those afraid of this new world that was once only superstition and non-sense.

It took over two thousand years for the world to settle down.

Now, in the modern age, there are laws for people with and without gifts. Laws to protect the living from the dead and the dead from the living, as well as laws to protect those who are gifted. But despite the truth of gifted people, there are those who fake having gifts, charlatans who simply want to rip off innocents for money or take enjoyment from the pain they cause. There’s an entire network of businesses and reporters who do nothing except hunt those scammers down.

Unfortunately, they also go after those who truly have gifts, ruining reputations and lives.

And this is where my main character in Ghosts of Kingston Cottage finds herself- with a skeptic reporter tagging along on her current case. She and her team are forced to take him along by their boss. But while they are trying to help the dead, the reporter is trying to prove whether or not my main character has a gift.

I can’t wait to share this world with you, readers. It’s my first foray into romance so I’m very nervous…but more excited! Hopefully I’ll have a cover and blurb for you soon, as the book is slated for release this October!


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