Release Day for An Island Christmas!!! (UPDATED LINKS)

It’s release day for An Island Christmas! I’m very excited for you all to read it. This is my first time writing something non-paranormal so it holds a special place in my heart. I hope you enjoy this quick, fun, hot, holiday read, and please let me know if you do :D


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After Blue Malone and her best friend are forced to cancel their Christmas vacation plans, their boss offers them the keys to his private island home in the Caribbean. The island home is gorgeous, and Blue can’t wait to relax and explore the lush surroundings.

Though, they are not alone on the island. Constant Abbett, the son of her boss, is a part-time resident of the island and is currently there on break from work. Blue has been attracted to him for years, since they met seven years ago, but she’s never voiced that attraction, for fear of him not wanting her back. She doesn’t want to ruin a great friendship. But with him so close, and the attraction to him growing by the minute as they spend time together, Blue knows she can’t hold her feelings back. She can only hope he feels the same way.

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex

Book Review: No Ghouls Allowed

So, a few posts back I pimped the Ghost Hunter Mysteries by Victoria Laurie, and I’m beyond excited to say that I received an ARC of the soon to be released No Ghouls Allowed, the next installment of the series. Below is my review. The book hits shelves January 6, 2015.

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On a trip to Georgia to see her father, M. J. Holliday finds herself trapped in a haunted mansion and discovers…


M.J. has had a distant relationship with her father since her mother died more than two decades ago. But when M.J., her boyfriend, Heath, and BFF, Gilley, take a break from their show, Ghoul Getters, and visit her family home in Valdosta, Georgia, they find Montgomery Holliday a changed man. The source of his happiness seems to be his new fiancée, the charming Christine Bigelow.

But despite the blush of new love, Montgomery and Christine are dealing with a big problem in the form of the antebellum mansion she is having renovated. After a series of strange accidents, the work crew is convinced the place is cursed, and the contractor has walked off the job. At Christine’s request, M.J. and her pals agree to find out if they’re really dealing with some spirited saboteurs and a possessed plantation home.


My Review:

This wonderful new addition to the Ghost Hunter Mysteries starts with a trip home for M.J. Holliday, as she, Heath, and Gilley return to Valdosta, Georgia for her father’s wedding. And the action does not stop or let go of the reader from the moment she lays surprised eyes on her father.

The reunion is interrupted by a construction worker whose been working on the renovations at a home M.J.’s soon-to-be stepmother, Christine, purchased. He relays that there’s been an accident caused by something not living. Then, he promptly pulls his crew, which is the third crew to quit on poor Christine. After Heath volunteers them to check in on the home, which Christine and Monty (M.J.’s father) plan to move into, all M.J. is expecting to find is a crotchety old ghost who just doesn’t want to let go of the home.

But that’s not what they get.

What she, Heath, and Gilley encounter is heavy planters being thrown at them before they even step foot in the house, and something far darker than an ordinary ghost when they finally get inside. The three ghost hunters are dragged into a mystery that grows darker and darker the more they dig into the history of the people who once owned the house and the dark spirit that just won’t leave M.J. alone. A mystery that includes people that she loves the most, including her mother.

No Ghouls Allowed is an amazing addition to the series. The emotional journey M.J. takes in this book, as well as the paranormal one, pulls you in from the very beginning and doesn’t let go. The reader will find themselves thinking about the events of the book long after they’ve finished the story.

*Received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review

New Contract: An Island Christmas!

I’m thrilled to announce that my non-paranormal (yes, you read that right–no paranormal!) romance novella, An Island Christmas, has been contracted by Evernight Publishing! This is a HOT book–romance mixed with explicit sex (be warned LOL ;) ) As soon as I have more information on release dates and such I will let everyone know :) I’m very excited about this book, and still can’t believe I wrote something that is 100% paranormal free!

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Christmas lights on a palm tree at the Caribbean beach

Book Pimpin': Origin, by Dani Worth


This book was AWESOME!!! Loved it beyond words :D My review is below the cover and blurb.

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In the race for freedom—and love—there’s no holding back.

Origin, The Kithran Regenesis, Book 4

After fourteen torturous years as a slave on a galaxy roving entertainment ship, Siri carries only vague memories of parents who loved her, Gwinarian food, and her beautiful home planet of Kithra.

When two space pirates burst into her owner’s room, the choice they offer her is all too easy: stay and face government questioning about the two intruders, or take a chance and go with them.

Claybourne and Anders had planned to help expose the pleasure ship owner’s involvement in Kithra’s destruction. But when they happen upon Siri, saving one of the last—and most beautiful—of the Gwinarian race takes precedence.

 Siri tastes freedom long denied…and temptation to succumb to the deep sexual tension vibrating between her and her two liberators. Clay and Anders take pleasure in letting her take the lead in rediscovering the power of intimacy.

But there are more secrets to uncover, and Siri senses that the closer they come to the truth, the closer she comes to the most painful choice of all—to let her pirate lovers go.

Warning: Sexy human space pirates. An acerbic-tongued crew. A beautiful wounded alien woman. M/M/F sparks galore, and interplanetary intrigue.



When I started reading Kithra, I was not aware that I would be sucked into a series so completely, but it happened :)

I LOVED Origin! It was a great addition to the series. Siri’s journey from slave to a truly free woman was emotional not only for her but for me–I cried, I laughed, I cheered, and when a certain thing happened at the end I cried REALLY hard (no spoilers!). Dani Worth did a fantastic job of writing a story that draws readers in and doesn’t let go. She is a truly gifted storyteller and I can’t wait for the next installment!


It’s a short review but I don’t want to spoil too much of the book. I literally cried several times during this book, as well as laughed. I cannot recommend this book, or this series, enough!